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AboutJSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery

One of Russia’s most modern refineries — and the country’s leader by refining volumes, JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery is one of the largest and most important oil refineries in the world.

JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery is one of the largest independent oil and gas producers in Russia. JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery and its subsidiary focus mainly on the geological study, exploration and production of crude oil, condensate and natural gas in Republic of Bashkortostan, Nurlatsky District, Maltsevskoye Field. Today we successfully operate and hold our leading position only because of all the hard work and efforts our workers put into development and constant improvement of the Refinery throughout last fifty years. During its half-century history, JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery witnessed a lot of changes made and a lot of traditions built, welcomed outstanding professionals whose work made our Refinery recognized.

The business strategy implemented by the Company is focused on ensuring sustainable development of oil production and processing capacities. At present, JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery key targets are to stabilize the oil production rate, proceed with the upgrading of processing units and with refining throughput increment, reorganize the business, develop the effective interaction pattern for the Holding’s enterprises, decrease expenses and increase the operational performance efficiency. JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery, is one of the largest Russian oil companies, being an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. The industrial complex of the Company includes steadily developing enterprises of oil and gas production, petroleum refining, petrochemicals production, the tire manufacturing complex, network of filling stations and services. JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery also has a stake in the financial (banking and insurance) sector companies.

Our Company

Today, we supply over 3.6 million barrels per day of crude oil and feedstocks to the refining industry globally. We take the time to understand the specific requirements and preferences of refiners worldwide and have a long track record of consistently and reliably sourcing the right feedstock to meet our customers’ needs at the right time. The range of our products includes over 100 types, many of which are entered into the list of the Russia’s top 100 goods. In 2009, the Refinery was awarded the Russian Federation Government Prize for great achievements in products quality enhancement. JSC "Tevrizneftgaz" Refinery has been implementing a large-scale upgrading program. Over the past years, more than 20 major industrial facilities were built and revamped at the Refinery. Particularly, an up-to-date advanced oil processing plant, consisting of hydro-cracking, visbreaking and catalytic reforming units, was constructed.

We are pioneers. We see a future full of opportunities. We have always thought in a different way. We want to challenge the oil refining industry by offering increasingly clean fuel solutions and applications based on renewable raw materials.

Is to be Europe's leading performer in refining and petrochemicals with a passion for the environment. To maximize added value and meet our stakeholders’ expectations by: Being reliable and cost efficient in our business while Conforming to the highest safety, health, environment and quality standards.







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